Monday, June 1, 2020

Cougar Amber LeBrun competes in the 800-meter race in Butte.  She broke the school record and finished in third.Park City's Rayna Laakso competes in long jump last Friday.RPR’s Willem Steinfeldt runs in the 1,600-meter race at state.  He finished in 10th.Park City's Brandon Flemmer competes in the 100-meter dash, finishing with a time of 12.25.Absarokee Huskie Tyler Planichek prepares to pole vault on Friday; he jumped 11-00.Connor Goddard battles it out in a relay.Columbus Cougar Michael Jacobson tackles the 110 hurdles during the state meet in Butte.  Jacobson finished in 16th place.Columbus Cougar Brenna Rouane competes in the 1,600 relay.  The Cougar team finished in sixth place.RPR's Jocelyn Ott competes in the 1,600 on Friday.  Ott finished with a time of 6:21.Panther Rayna Laakso competes in the 100 hurdle finals -- she finished in third place.Cougar Dylan Sutton flies over the high jump bar at state.Absarokee’s Katrina Feddes throws the shot put on Saturday.  Feddes finished in 15th place.Absarokee Huskie Jonas Williams prepares to pole vault.RPR Junior Trevor Herzog gets up to speed during long jump.  He jumped 18-01.RPR's Jeremy Boatman (left) and Park City's Eli Larson compete side-by-side in the 110-meter hurdles. Larson finished the race in 18.68, and Boatman finished with a time of 19.47.Jake Branger, of Absarokee, runs in the 3,200-meter race.  Branger finished with a time of 11:11.21.Panther Connor McNeil hands off the baton to Rylan Gauthier in the short relay.  The Park City team finished in fourth place with a time of 45.64.Park City's MacKinzie Verke competes in triple jump.  She finished in third with a jump of 34-06.25.Senior MacKinzie Verke eyes the pit before beginning triple jump.Freshman Lawson Steinfeldt takes off at the beginning of the 1,600-meter race.  He finished in 15th place with a time of 5:05.10.Members of the Cougar girls' track team hanging out at the state meet (from left): Camryn Ault, Brenna Rouane, Liz Lorash, Amber LeBrun, and RaiLeigh StrommenCougar Liz Lorash waits for the gun in the blocks before the first leg of the 400-meter relay.  The Columbus team placed 12th, with a time of 52.88.Amber LeBrun looks at the scoreboard after a race at state.

Class B and C State Track Results

LeBrun breaks record and brings home handful of medals, Laakso notches a third

Columbus Cougar Amber LeBrun lived up to the high expectations set for her at the state track meet in Butte last weekend, breaking her own school record and finishing in the Top 10 in four of five events.
LeBrun placed third in both the 400- and 800-meter races. In the 400 she finished in a time of 1:00.26, and her 800-meter time of 2:20.80 was enough to beat the school record for the event – which she set at the divisional track meet two weeks ago – by four seconds.
During the 1,600 relay, Columbus did well, anchored by LeBrun. The team finished in sixth place, with a time of 4:19.11.
In the 200, LeBrun placed eighth during the preliminaries on Friday, and she held strong in that spot on Saturday in finals, finishing with a time of 27.34.
The 400 relay was the only event in which LeBrun finished out of the top ten. The team got 12th place, finishing with a time of 52.88.
LeBrun helped score seven of the Columbus girls’ team’s 13 points at the state meet, and, as a sophomore, the Cougar track team can rely on her speed to continue to rack up points for another two years.

Park City’s Rayna Laakso ended her high school track career on a high note last weekend at the state track meet, making it to finals in all three track events, while also competing well in two field events.
Laakso’s best performance came in the 100 hurdles. Qualifying in fourth place, she improved her standing in finals, finishing third with a time of 16.16.
In both the 100- and 200-meter races, Laakso finished in eighth place, with times of 13.55 and 28.04, respectively. She improved two places from her tenth seed from preliminaries in the 100, but she dropped one place in the 200, qualifying in seventh place.
While not in the top ten, Laakso also performed well in high jump and long jump.
In high jump, her jump of 4-08 was good for 12th place. She went into state seeded at 4-06, her best height of the year, so at state she improved.
Long jump was the only event in which you could say Laakso ‘struggled,’ finishing in 13th place with a jump of 15-00.50. She went into the meet seeded with a jump of 16-07.25, her best jump of the season that came in the end of April.
Laakso performed well under the pressure of five events in her last high school meet, an indicator that she has great potential to succeed with the Battlin’ Bears track team at Rocky next fall.

800: Connor Goddard, 2:11.89, 17th

110 Hurdles: Michael Jacobson, 16.58, 16th

300 Hurdles: Michael Jacobson, 42.86, 17th

1,600 Relay: Columbus (Rily Livingston, Connor Goddard, Elijah Daniels, Michael Jacobson), 3:42.74, 21st

High Jump: Rily Livingston, 5-10J, 7th; Dylan Sutton, No Height

Long Jump: Elijah Daniels, 18-08.50, 24th

TEAM SCORE: Columbus 13, 12th

200: Amber LeBrun, 27.34, 8th

400: Amber LeBrun, 1:00.26, 3rd

800: Amber LeBrun, 2:20.80, 3rd

400 Relay: Columbus (Liz Lorash, Brenna Rouane, RaiLeigh Strommen, Amber LeBrun), 52.88, 12th

1,600 Relay: Columbus (Brenna Rouane, Liz Lorash, RaiLeigh Strommen, Amber LeBrun), 4:19.11, 6th

Pole Vault: Camryn Ault, 8-00, 12th

TEAM SCORES: Park City 7, 23rd; Reed Point-Rapelje 1, 35th

100: Devon Dennis, PC, 12.17, 19th; Brandon Flemmer, PC, 12.25, 20th

200: Devon Dennis, PC, 25.18, 18th

800: Brandon Flemmer, PC, 2:04.47, 9th; Willem Steinfeldt, RPR, 2:08.22, 15th

1,600: Willem Steinfeldt, RPR, 4:54.97, 10th; Lawson Steinfeldt, RPR, 5:05.10, 15th

3,200: Willem Steinfeldt, RPR, 10:51.14, 12th; Jake Branger, Abs., 11:11.21, 16th

110 Hurdles: Eli Larson, PC, 18.68, 17th; Jeremy Boatman, RPR, 19.47, 19th

300 Hurdles: Connor McNeil, PC, 43.30, 11th; Lawson Steinfeldt, RPR, 46.56, 18th

400 Relay: Park City (Connor McNeil, Rylan Gauthier, Brandon Flemmer, Devon Dennis), 45.64, 4th; Absarokee (Adrian Tellez, Kyle Kirby, Tyler Planichek, Jonas Williams), 48.81, 18th

1,600 Relay: Park City (Devyn Shakley, Connor McNeil, Devon Dennis, Brandon Flemmer), 3:39.02, 5th; Absarokee (Tyler Planichek, Joaquin Pilcher, Jonas Williams, Kyle Kirby), 3:47.29, 17th; Reed Point-Rapelje (Cade Bare, Lawson Steinfeldt, John Schladweiler, Trevor Herzog), 3:48.40, 19th

Pole Vault: Tyler Planichek, Abs., 11-00, 8th; Jonas Williams, Abs., 10-00, NH

Long Jump: Trevor Herzog, RPR, 18-01, 16th

Triple Jump: Rylan Gauthier, PC, 40-07, 10th
Discus: Sol Arno, RPR, 133-09, 6th; Connor McNeil, PC, 132-05, 7th

Javelin: Connor McNeil, PC, 162-03, 6th; Joaquin Pilcher, Abs., 142-09, 16th

TEAM SCORE: Park City 22, 9th

100: Rayna Laakso, PC, 13.55, 8th; Mercedes Hoff, RPR, 13.40, 13th; Jocelyn Ott, RPR, 13.75, 19th

200: Rayna Laakso, PC, 28.04, 8th; Mercedes Hoff, RPR, 28.75, 16th; Blakely Verke, PC, 29.63, 19th

400: Blakely Verke, PC, 1:05.35, 15th

800: Blakely Verke, PC, 2:38.20, 15th

1,600: Jocelyn Ott, RPR, 6:21.14, 18th

100 Hurdles: Rayna Laakso, PC, 16.16, 3rd; Alexis Tryan, PC, 18.75, 19th; Shelby Branstetter, PC, 18.79, 20th

300 Hurdles: Shelby Branstetter, PC, 47.95, 5th

400 Relay: Reed Point-Rapelje (Mercedes Hoff, Cheyenne Gehnert, Carlee Blodgett, Jocelyn Ott), 54.71, 13th; Park City (Andee Baker, Blakely Verke, MacKinzie Verke, Shelby Branstetter), DQ

1,600 Relay: Park City (Blakely Verke, Andee Baker, Shelby Branstetter, MacKinzie Verke), 4:31.19, 14th; Absarokee (Emma LaMoure, Kaiya Holmquist, Sydney Copeland, Rebecka Lester), 4:38.78, 18th

Pole Vault: Kaiya Holmquist, Abs., 6-06, NH; Emma LaMoure, 6-06, NH

High Jump: Rayna Laakso, PC, 4-08, 12th; MacKinzie Verke, PC, 4-08J, 17th

Long Jump: Mercedes Hoff, RPR, 15-07.50, 9th; Rayna Laakso, PC, 15-00.50, 13th; MacKinzie Verke, PC, 15-00.50, 13th

Triple Jump: MacKinzie Verke, PC, 34-06.25, 3rd; Mercedes Hoff, RPR, 31-11.00, 12th; Jocelyn Ott, RPR, 31-10.50, 13th

Shot Put: Katrina Feddes, Abs., 31-01, 15th

Discus: Katrina Feddes, Abs., 92-02, 14th; Nynah Bryant, RPR, 83-11, 21st

Javelin: Brittany Frank, PC, 127-05, 2nd