Friday, December 6, 2019

A Park City athlete launches into the air.

Stillwater athletes shine at Tri-Valley Meet

Stillwater County track and field athletes scored wins at last week’s Tri-Valley Meet in Laurel.
Absarokee’s Rily Livingston won the long jump and high jump while Reed Point-Rapelje’s Jordan Marsh took the shot put and discus events.
Absarokee’s Elijah Barbour won the 200 while teammate Lauren Milliken claimed the 1600. RPR’s Brianna Krieger won the 3200.
For Park City, Connor May was first in the javelin while teammates Shelby Branstetter won the 300 hurdles, Ryana Laasko won the long jump, MacKenzie Verke won the triple jump and Cara Grewell took the shot put.
In team standings the Absarokee boys were first out of 10 teams, followed by Park City in fourth and RPR in seventh.
On the girls’ side it was Park City taking the team title, followed by RPR in fifth and Absarokee in eighth.

*Columbus Courgar Weston Wagner placed 6th in the discus with a toss of 131.1½ at the Midland Roundtable Top Ten.  He was 9th in the shot put. The Cougars compete in Districts in Laurel Friday, May 8. The top 6 places advance to Divisonals Thursday, May 15 at Laurel.

Tri Valley Meet at the Laurel High School Sports Complex - April 29

Note: Only first-place times, heights and distances reported.

Team scores: Absarokee 94.67; Broadview-Lavina 71; Harlowton 68; Park City 66; Bridger 38.33; Fromberg-Belfry 36; Reed Point-Rapelje 36; Ryegate 32; Custer-Hysham 27; Roberts 16.

100: Jared Burreece, Har, 11.96; Calvin Hanson, Abs; Jordan Neves, PC; Tristan Barker, FB; Connor May, PC; Dalton Hook, Rye.

200: Elijah Barbour, Abs, 24.81; Connor May, PC; Jared Burreece, Har; Dalton Hook, Rye; Ryan Zenter, Bri; Rick Hibbs, Rob.

400: Joe Koch, Har, 53.75; Tate Rhoads, CH; Rick Hibbs, Rob; Rily Livingston, Abs; Kyle Kirby, Abs; Will Steinfeldt, RPR.

800: Russell Zenter, Bri, 2:11.28; Dan Lavy, Bri; Brandon Flemmer, PC; Dalton Taber, Har; Rick Hibbs, Rye; Boyd Pelton, Har.

1,600: Dan Lavy, Bri, 4:53.90; Brandon Flemmer, PC; Boyd Pelton, Har; John Power, Har; John Schladweiler, RPR; Adrian Brun, Rye.

3,200: Boyd Pelton, Har; 11:19.09; Dan Lavy, Bri; Adrian Brun, Rye; Louis Romero, Rye; Dylan Blodgett, RPR; William Clark, RPR.

110 hurdles: Not reported.

300 hurdles: Joel Nelson, BL; Levi Wilm, FB; Devon Dennis, PC; Solomon Arno, RPR.

400 relay: Absarokee 47.65; Fromberg-Belfry; Park City; Harlwoton; Custer-Hysham.

1,600 relay: Broadview-Lavina 4:32.24; Park City; Absarokee.

Long jump: Rily Livingston, Abs, 18-9; Trevor Smith, Abs; Tristen Barker, FB; Jordan Neves, PC; Alex Kosel, Rob; Cole Jensen, BL.

Triple jump: Tate Rhoads, CH, 39-5 ¾; Trevor Smith, Abs; Alex Kosel, Rob; Cole Jensen, BL; Devin Dennis, PC; Dillon Blodgett, RPR.

High jump: Rily Livingston, Abs, 6-1; Tristan Barker, FB; Carlos Bazan, Rye; Tate Rhoads, CH; Levi Wilm, FB; Adam Tellez; Abs; Weston Stevenson, Abs; Ryan Zenter, Bri.

Pole vault: Adrian Brun, Rye, 11-6; Elijah Barbour, Abs; Joel Nelson, BL; Andrew Glennie, BL; Ty Pfingston, Abs; Andy Van Ornum, Rob.

Shot put: Jordan Marsh, RPR, 43-2 ½; Scott Bymaster, BL; Seth Christiaens, BL; Calvin Hanson, Abs; Tristan Martin, Har; Steven LeRette, Har.

Discus: Jordan Marsh, RPR, 137-5; Scotty Bymaster, BL; Jacob Misner, Har; Solomon Arno, RPR; Matt Cornell, CH; Tristan Martin, Har.

Javelin: Connor May, PC, 139-2; Cole Jensen, BL; Scott Bymaster, BL; Robbie Colman, Abs; Wyatt Walker, Har; Jared Burreece, Har.

Team scores: Park City 107; Harlowton 96; Broadview-Lavina 73; Bridger 51; Reed Point-Rapelje 36; Ryegate 24; Custer-Hysham 23; Absarokee 22; Roberts 10; Fromberg-Belfry 4.

100: Ally Martin, Har, 13.51; Shaniah Schwend, Bri; Shelby Kluth, PC; Reilly Allik, Har; Cheyenne Gehnet, RPR; Terra Goddard, RPR.

200: Ally Martin, Har, 26.5; Shaniah Schwend, Bri; Brenna Becket, BL; Shelby Kluth, PC; Shelby Branstetter, PC; Reilly Allik, Har.

400: Brenna Becket, BL, 1:03.02; MacKenzie Verke, PC; Sylvia Scianna, Bri; Catrina Schuchard, Har; Rebecka Lester, Abs; Bethany Van Doren, PC.

800: Kylie Schott, BL, 2:46.80; Lauren Milliken, Abs; Sylvia Scianna, Bri; Piper Robison, CH; Lauren Glennie, Har; Abbey James, CH.
1,600: Lauren Milliken, Abs, 6:00.67; Reilly Allik, Har; Kaylee Faller, BL; Kylie Schott; BL; Brianna Kreiger, RPR; Piper Robison, CH.

3,200: Brianna Krieger, RPR; 14:44.59; Catrina Schuchard, Har; Madison Wasson, Har; Makayla Downing, PC; Suzannah Rysavy, FB.

100 hurdles: Not reported.

300 hurdles: Shelby Branstetter, PC, 51.05; Katrina Lane, Har; Rachel Hiner, Har; Krista Schott, BL; Cara White, Bri; Lainie McKay, Har.

400 relay: Park City 54.72; Reed Point-Rapelje; Broadview-Lavina.

1,600 relay: Not reported.

Long jump: Rayna Laakso, PC, 15-10 ¾; Shaniah Schwend, Bri; MacKenzie Verke, PC; Tori Cybalski, CH; Reilly Allik, Har; Cheyenne Gehnet, RPR.

Triple jump: MacKenzie Verke, PC, 33-8; Shaniah Schwend, Bri; Brenna Becket, BL; Miranda Youngren, RPR; Kayla McCarthy, Har; Krista Schott, BL.

High jump: Shaniah Schwend, Bri, 4-8; Miranda Youngren, RPR; Tori Cybalski, CH; McKenzie Verke, PC; Angel Barker, FB; Shelby Branstetter, PC.

Pole vault: Claire Schoening, Rob, 7-6; Sarah Dreese, BL; Cedar Bruner, Rye.

Shot put: Cara Grewell, PC, 32-8; Chloe Hanser, BL; Kayla McCarthy, Har; Terran Brown, BL; Hope Opie, Har; Maria Begger, Har.

Discus: Cedar Bruner, Rye, 99-11; Cara Grewell, PC; Hope Opie, Har; Maria Begger, Har; Emma Kelly, Abs; Tori Cybalske, CH.

Shot put: Cara Grewell, PC, 32-8; Cedar Bruner, Rye; Ana Cybalski, CH; Tehya Ray, PC; Mayla McCarthy, Har; Cara Grewell, PC.