Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Convicted sex offender jailed again for more alleged violations

A convicted sex offender who is already being accused of violating probation conditions is once again behind bars.
Justin McCally was arrested Dec. 12, based on alleged probation violations that include being dishonest with his probation officer about staying at his girlfriend’s house, as well as searching for pornography on YouTube, according to a Montana Department of Corrections document filed in court.
McCally has appeared before Stillwater County Justice of the Peace Lee Cornell, at which time bond was set at $75,000. As of Wednesday afternoon, he remained in the Yellowstone County Detention Facility.
Last month, McCally denied seven separate probation violations that culminated in him being terminated from the mandatory sex offender treatment program in which he was enrolled.
Those alleged violations include the following (according to court documents):
-Cancelling treatment appointments due to “illness” when he was not, in fact, ill.
-Being present at parties with “minor-aged” alcohol consumption.
-Frequent unapproved contact (including physical contact) with a 5-year-old female.
-Viewing pornography.
-Traveling outside his approved travel area without approval.
-Staying overnight at his girlfriend’s home without prior authorization.
-Having surveillance cameras at his home that were observed by his Department of Corrections (DOC) Probation Officer Krystal Stevenson.
McCally was sentenced to six years of probation one year ago after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a young girl. He was also ordered to complete sex offender treatment.