Wednesday, February 21, 2024

John Bryce Newark

Level 2 sex offender awaiting sentencing arrested

A level 2 sex offender and twice convicted felon who is set to be sentenced in one week was arrested Wednesday afternoon on new felony charges.
John Bryce Newkirk, 47, was taken into custody late Wednesday afternoon when Columbus police and Stillwater County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Super 8 motel on a report of a man in a pickup truck who was “staring into the window” and appeared to be masturbating, according to Stillwater County Sheriff’s Office dispatch records.
A deputy also requested a narcotics test kit be brought to the scene and Newkirk’s Department of Correction’s probation officer also responded.
Newkirk was charged with felony possession of dangerous drugs, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and a felony probation violation. As of Thursday afternoon, he was being held at the Yellowstone County Detention Facility with bond set at $225,000.
On March 15, Newkirk appeared before 22nd Judicial District Judge Blair Jones and admitted to multiple probation violations, including failing to be a law-abiding citizen after having been cited for misdemeanor indecent exposure for standing in his front yard and actively pleasuring himself when a delivery driver passed by in August 2017. Newkirk also admitted to failing to comply with all court orders by being classified as “non-compliant” with sex offender treatment based on the Aug. 2017 indecent exposure incident.
He faces 25 years at his sentencing next week.
The sentencing is based on the revocation of two prior felony cases in Stillwater County — a 2013 vehicular homicide and a 2016 felony indecent exposure to a minor.