Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Absarokee seventh grader Claire Hatch taking her turn at the Treasure State Spelling Bee.

Hatch 9th best speller in Montana

Absarokee seventh grader Claire Hatch competed in the Treasure State Spelling Bee in Billings last Saturday, supported by her parents and her English teacher from Absarokee Junior High School LouAnne Atkinson.
Hatch successfully completed three rounds of the bee, correctly spelling “fletcherism” (the practice of eating small amounts and chewing food thoroughly), “schnauzer” (the breed of dog), and “meistersinger” (a member of one of the German guilds made over 500 years ago to cultivate poetry and music). However, she faltered in round four with “poltergeist.” Hatch finished ninth in the entire state.
As her mom, Meg, says, the experience was exciting, but Claire is glad to take a break from the constant spelling practice.
Fifty-eight students from across the state participated in the bee. The winner, a seventh grader from Gardiner, will advance to the national spelling bee in Washington, D.C.