Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Sharyl Zahn talks to Columbus Middle School students about what it takes to be a nurse.

Career Fair at CMS a success

Columbus Middle School was bustling on Friday, even more so than a normal school day.
Every 12 minutes, the halls filled with students swapping classrooms to hear about a new profession represented at the Career Fair.
Thirty-six community members volunteered an hour of their time to discuss careers with curious middle schoolers. The topics ranged from physical therapy to selling insurance, from environmental engineering to welding.
Along with describing their typical day and answering questions, the presenters imparted some meaningful advice to their young audience members.
The importance of continuing education and finding a career that you genuinely enjoy, even if it takes some trial and error, were themes of the day.
The Career Fair follows a month of guidance classes in which the students took interest surveys and researched potential careers.
Guidance councilor and Career Fair coordinator Lindsey Johnson felt that the fair went fantastically, and said the students had a great time while benefiting from the knowledge shared by the community members.
She is thankful for all of the community support that made the Career Fair possible.