Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Gathered in the Park City School multipurpose room are, left to right, front row, Jessica Calovis, Lily Peterson, Brianna Getz, Guy Williams, Nicolas Hampton and Myra Tonn; back row, Serena Mohr, Elaine Allen, Abby Hoffman, Cady Ekle, Maxine Winkler, Trevor Westervelt and Jaden Jackson. Not shown are Bailey Hedges, Dominic Fitch and Alexis Tryan.

Battle of the Books decided

For the second year running, Columbus and Park City faced off in a Battle of the Books in the Park City School’s multipurpose room and gym on April 27.
Featuring several Young Reader’s Choice, ALA Top Ten and Newbery winners of past and present, teams from Columbus and Park City waged literary warfare in several quizzing styles, following that of the California-based America’s Battle of the Books.
The two Park City teams consisted of Hattie’s Big Sky Readers (Bailey Hedges, Jaden Jackson, Myra Tonn and Alexis Tryan) and Snap, Crackle and Pop (Elaine Allen, Abby Hoffman and Serena Mohr).
The three Columbus teams included the Amazing Reading Squad (Jessica Calovis, Dominic Fitch and Brianna Getz), the Book Slayers (Nicolas Hampton, Lily Peterson and Guy Williams) and To Kill a Mockingbook (Cady Ekle, Maxine Winkler and Trevor Westervelt).
After nine rounds, Snap, Crackle and Pop pulled ahead by two points over To Kill a Mockingbook to take top honors by 327 to 325.
The contestants and organizers express their thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and energy to make the book tournament possible.
For the second time this year, Mandie O’Connor and Gayle Hoffman served as judges and readers (they also manned the tables during the fifth-grade Battle of the Books in March), and Paden Mendenhall and Jordan DeKlyen served as the event’s timers.
Gloria Winkler, Jenny Calovis and Cary Frank of Columbus rounded out the cadre of judge readers, and Park City eighth-graders Hayley Story and Caleb Van Doren handled the calculators as tabulators.