Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Third place finishers Absarokee junior high Team 2 (left to right) -- Trevor Zumbrun, Emily Routen, Michael Boyce, Haley Richardson, and Kayci HolybeeAbsarokee junior high Team 1 (left to right) -- Adree Langley, Andrew Espeland, Colton Young, and Claire HatchAbsarokee high school Team 1 (left to right) -- Bailey Gauthier, Chloe Flynn, Robbie Coleman, and Cole BrownAbsarokee high school Team 2 (left to right) -- Kaiya Holmquist, Tana Babb, Hannes Chandler, and Madisyn Hudacek

Absarokee Science Bowl teams compete at regionals

The Big Sky Regional Science Bowl was held on March 10 and 11 in Billings for middle and high school teams.

Science Bowl is a “quiz bowl” competition with questions from biology, chemistry, physics, earth and space science, math and energy.

Two teams of Absarokee junior high students were among the 17 teams competing at the competition on Friday, March 10.
The teams ended up in 3rd and 4th place overall!

In the morning round robin competition, Absarokee Team 1 (Colton Young, Andrew Espeland, Claire Hatch, and Adree Langley) beat teams from Big Timber, Shepherd, Park City and Poplar, and lost one match to Lockwood. Absarokee Team 2 (Michael Boyce, Haley Richardson, Emily Routen, Trevor Zumbrun, and Kayci Holybee) beat teams from Park City and Huntley Project, and lost to Luther and St. Francis. These records were good enough for both Absarokee teams to make it into the eight-team afternoon double-elimination tournament.

In the afternoon, Team 1 lost to Shepherd, but then beat Big Timber and Luther to make it to the final four. Team 2 lost to Luther, but then beat West Yellowstone and Shepherd to also make it to the final four. Then, the two Absarokee teams had to face-off against each other! Team 2 beat Team 1, so Team 1 ended up 4th place overall. Then, Team 2 faced-off against a strong Lockwood team, and lost by one question to finish 3rd overall. This is the highest any Absarokee team has finished since 2007, when an Absarokee team also got 3rd place. The top two teams (North Middle School in Great Falls, and Lockwood) are much bigger schools than Absarokee.

These nine Absarokee students had been practicing twice a week at lunch since early January. They really worked hard, and Absarokee should be very proud of all of them.

Two teams of Absarokee High School students were among the 22 teams who competed on March 11.

In the morning round-robin competition, the two Absarokee teams were in the same group. Team 1 (Robbie Coleman, Cole Brown, Chloe Flynn, and Bailey Gauthier) beat teams from Billings Central and Absarokee, but lost to Helena High. Team 2 (Tana Babb, Madisyn Hudacek, Hannes Chandler, and Kaiya Holmquist) lost to Central, Helena and Absarokee.

Team 1 made it to the afternoon double-elimination tournament, but lost out to Poplar and CM Russell.

These students also practiced twice a week at lunch since early January. The high school competition is very tough, but these AHS students represented Absarokee well.