Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Working in the Rosebud Community Gardens, from the left: Keegan Kelley, pre-school teacher Richelle Kelley, Tade Barhlemess and Kruizin’ 4 Seniors President Michele Orlich.

Preschoolers and pumpkins

Some Absarokee preschoolers put their green thumbs to good use – not on finger painting paper, but in the garden.
Earlier this spring, Richelle Kelley’s class began their own mini nursery, planting pumpkin seeds and providing the necessary care and attention to grow them into young plants, according to Kruzin’ 4 Seniors president Michele Orlich.
On Tuesday, the youngsters transplanted these pumpkin plants into the Rosebud Community Gardens. The pumpkins’ new home is a spot in the garden owned by Kruzin’ 4 Seniors.
Throughout the summer, the pumpkin plants will continue to grow, and eventually flower and produce fruit.
In the fall, the class will harvest and decorate the pumpkins.
The fruition of all the children’s hard work will then be auctioned off, with all proceeds benefiting the Absarokee Senior Center.