Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A men’s team makes a mad dash to the barrel, with their pig in tow.
Stillwater County Commissioner Mark Crago gets left in the mud as his team tries to wrangle a hog during last Friday night’s pig wrestling event at the Stillwater County 4-H Fair.From the left: David Cross, Tanner Meier, Bryan Barta and Riki Plymale.Cahill Stadel gets cleaned up, courtesy of Columbus Fire Rescue.Kaliber Emmett leads his pig during Peewee Showmanship on Friday afternoon.  He won the second class of the event.
A pint-sized pig wrangler competes in the “Peewee Showmanship” event at the fair.Four participants in the upper weight lamb category.A participant in the Breeding Beef competition leads her cow around the arena.Katrina Feddes and her colorful cow competed in the Market Beef category.A young competitor shows her bird.Rayne Emmett smiles during the Peewee Showmanship event.

Pork Barrels

The Stillwater County fairgrounds was the place to be last Friday night, as 45 pig wrestling teams got up close and dirty with a slew of hogs.
Winning the Pee Wee Division in a time of 13.56 seconds was the Lil Oink Oinks, comprised of Jordan Heiken, Nolan Heiken, Tillie Heiken and Sarah Burrows, according to events coordinator Jolene Degele.
Winning the Intermediate No. 1 Division was Pig It To Win with a time of 23.31 seconds. The team was comprised of Sissy Nelson, Lily Petterson, Brady Ellis and Degen Nelson. The winner of the Intermediate No. 2 Division was Elite Piggers with a time of 11.21 seconds, comprised of Morgan Mayo, Brenna Rouane, Cassie Ludwig and Marrahley Jones.
In the Men/Mixed Division it was Team America snagging honors with a time of 14. 53 seconds. That team was comprised of Aiden Timberman, Jacob Reneaf, Mikol Degele and Dylan Raihl.
A crowd of more than 400 spectators watched the fun. Degele said a special thank you goes to Columbus Fire Rescue, which hosed down the teams after each match.
Degele also said the event was made possible by many people, including Bryan Young, Double D, Calcutta buyers, 4H Exchange students and teen leaders and parents.
Special thanks to our Calcutta buyers, Double D, Columbus Fire Rescue, Bryan Young, 4H Exchange students, parents, 4H Teen Leaders and “anyone else who participated in setting up, working, tearing down.”
The top three finishers in each category were as follows:

1st: Lil Oink Oinks, 13.56 seconds
2nd: Little Oinkers, 18.19
3rd: Baconater, 32.77

1st: Pig It To Win, 23.31 seconds
2nd: Montana Bacon Grease, 43.44
3rd: Porkensteins, 47.18

1st: Elite Piggers, 11.21 seconds
2nd: The Beauties and the Pig, 26.11
3rd: Pork Patrol, 30.94

1st: Team America, 14.53 seconds
2nd: Hog Slayers, 17.41
3rd: War Pigs, 23.79