Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Park City plow woes

Well once again Park City has to depend on the local citizens to plow out the school and bus routes as the county snowplow driver doesn’t know which lever it is to operator the plow.
He can find the one for the sand, but that doesn’t do much good when there is 2-feet of snow on the ground. It’s pretty bad when the school has to hire outside help to remove the snow that is on county property just so that our kids can be safe when attending our school.
The school needs to send the county the bill that they have to pay to have it plowed and snow removed. The county pays the plow driver for a full day of pay when he is sleeping under the bridge with his truck running. He has done this for two years in a row.
Why oh why do we pay taxes for this kind of snow removal. You will notice that cemetery and the south side of Trewin School Road are plowed as that is where the road boss lives. Maybe they need to send the plow driver to school so that he will learn how to plow around the school and bus routes so that our kids can be safe.

Jeanette Bossen
Park City