Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Forrest Mandeville

Mandeville chooses house committees

Newly elected Montana House Representative Forrest Mandeville has been assigned to three committees for the upcoming legislative session.
Mandeville will serve on the Health and Human Services, Local Government, and State Administration committees.
“Most House members serve on three committees, unless they are on Appropriations,” Mandeville said. “Each member ranks committees by preference and is allowed to state some reasons they believe they would be a good fit for various committees. Leadership then takes those committee preference lists and assigns committees.”
The Health and Human Services committee deals with many important issues, Mandeville said. He said it will be a challenging committee.
“I am looking forward to finding solutions and proving worthy of the trust placed in me by the voters and the House leadership,” Mandeville said.
Mandeville said he believes the State Administration committee will be a good fit for him because of his background in administrative roles and his education. He has a Master’s degree in public administration.
Mandeville’s background working for and with local governments make him a good fit for the Local Government committee, he said.
Proposed legislation is first reviewed in the appropriate committee. Committees hold public hearings on proposed legislation before voting on whether to recommend, table, kill, or amend the bill.
The state legislature is scheduled to meet in regular session for 90 days beginning Jan. 5.
The legislature meets in regular session on odd years, but may also meet for special sessions in case of emergencies.
Special sessions can only be called by the governor or with a majority of legislators. More than 30 special sessions have been called since 1889.