Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Better late in this world than early in the next

The “Demolition Derby” picture on page 1 of last week’s SCN prompted the following:
We left our home half-way between Absarokee and Columbus at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 10, headed to Billings for a Rotary Club meeting and a medical appointment.
Highway 78 was slick hard-pack, so driving was adjusted for a slower than usual trip.
It was likely that Deputy Sheriff Ren Crain was following us as we merged onto I-90.
As he passed us, we were temporarily blinded by snow kicked up, a good warning to allow lots of space in front of us. We soon spotted flares, accidents, ambulances and other emergency vehicles ahead. We slowed and were directed into the passing lane, probably by Deputy Crain.
I felt appreciation of the emergency personnel out there doing their jobs at great risk. The rear-ending of the pickup in the picture likely happened minutes later. Deputy Crain is reported to be doing well and is back at work.
Road conditions to and from Billings were bad but manageable and we had no problems. We took our time at 45 to 50 mph. The hazards were not so much the varied road conditions, but drivers who failed to make adjustments for conditions. Several 18 wheel rigs passed us at 65 +/- mph, and several cars passed us going fast, throwing up blinding clouds of snow — amazing!
From a risk management standpoint, consider the time it takes to run the 26 miles between exit 408 at Columbus and exit 434 at Laurel: at 80 mph, 19.5 minutes, at 65 mph, 24 minutes, at 50 mph, 31 minutes.
Prior to interstate highways, Burma Shave signs were everywhere. One I remember: Don’t lose your head...to save a minute...you need your head...your brains are in it... Burma Shave.
Best wishes to all for a happy, prosperous 2018,

Jim Movius