Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Lisa Terry’s Tips

Stillwater County Healthy Living Programs: Diabetes education top priority in 2017

According to the Stillwater County Health Profile, the leading cause of death in Stillwater County is heart disease.
Health and nutrition education are key in developing the healthy lifestyle changes that are needed in order to reduce the rate of heart-related deaths.
The Stillwater County Healthy Living Program’s aim is to meet the need of reducing heart-related and other health-related deaths in the county.
The primary objectives of this MSU Extension Family Consumer Science program is to manage diabetes in patients already diagnosed, increase muscle mass and strength, reduce risk for osteoporosis and related fractures, reduce risk for developing diabetes, reduce heart disease, arthritis, depression and obesity and improve self-confidence, sleep and vitality.
There are currently several sites within the county where participants can go for health-related information and classes.
A StrongWomen strength training program is held four times weekly at the fourth floor of the Stillwater County courthouse; Strong Hearts Healthy Communities and Walk With Ease are held twice weekly at the Stillwater County West Annex; an arthritis class is held in Fishtail at the Community Center and Diabetes Classes are held at least twice per year.

In 2017, MSU Extension Agents and community partners representing 32 counties and reservations facilitated the DEEP Diabetes Education Program, which was initiated by the Stillwater County Extension Office. It is believed that the more locations we have in the state, the more likely we are to reach a broader and more diverse audience within Montana with diabetes and other health-related education. Also, having several locations increases the likelihood that people will participate in underserved regions of the state. This includes participation from residents living on reservations. With the number one complication of diabetes being heart disease it is believed that we can reduce the number of heart-related deaths in Stillwater County through educational programs targeted at encouraging positive behavioral changes in diet and exercise.

Stillwater County Healthy Living classes reached men and women age 40 and older with nutrition education and exercise regimes. Participants lost an average of 10 pounds, lowered their blood pressure by 10 points, lowered their hemoglobin A1C, a test which shows their average glucose level over time, lowered their LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins) by 12 points, increased their fruit and vegetable intake by 50 percent, and developed a weekly exercise routine. For more information on how you can join classes, contact the Stillwater County MSU Extension office at (406)322-8035 or lterry@montana.edu.