Tuesday, May 26, 2020

VFW auxiliary wants stolen flag back, no questions asked

This letter is a request for “doing the right thing” in regards to a mystery we would like solved.
It seems that some time between Aug. 2, 2017, and Sept. 1, 2017, someone decided they would like an American flag. So they chose to take the VFW Post 7311 Auxiliary flag from its pole in the Granite Peak room of the Absarokee Cobblestone building. We were hoping this wrong would — due to a guilty feeling — right itself, but so far that hasn’t happened.
This flag and the pole was gifted to our auxiliary several years ago from the Columbus VFW 4762 Auxiliary when they decided to discontinue as chartered by the national organization.
If whoever really wanted or needed our flag so badly, they could have contacted any of our VFW post or auxiliary members. We would have gladly helped you get or even given you one.
So we ask kindly that you return “our gifted flag.” No questions asked.
We do appreciate (though don’t care) the “imposter flag” you left in our flag’s place. And it was very considerate of you to replace the little stickie note that read “Do Not Remove Flag from Rm. VFW Aux.” However, a 6-foot-by-8-foot flag attached to the flagpole with plastic ties doesn’t look near as nice as our 4-foot-by-6-foot flag that fit the pole.
Any information on this mystery would be welcome. If anyone has some, please contact Gene Wassmann, president, VFW Post 7311 Auxiliary at 328-4406.

Gene Wassmann and all the members of the VFW Post 7311 Auxiliary