Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Meet Stillwater Rising

Stillwater Rising is an informal group of Stillwater County residents who started meeting in the past year. Our mission describes our purpose best:
Stillwater Rising is a local group working to empower individuals and support communities while fostering equality, diversity, human rights, civil liberties and a sustainable future through respectful dialogue, education, and advocacy. Stillwater Rising is not affiliated with a political party.
We have monthly meetings, a Facebook page, and notify members by email of articles of interest, possible actions (phone calls, letters, emails) they can take if they wish. Our interest is in the positive, trying to strengthen our community, not divide it.
We support individual members in what they want to do, rather than acting as a group. For example, some of us supported a member when she went before the Absarokee school board to discuss an incident. In early October, we are holding a reception for Caitin Borgmann, the director of ACLU Montana. Other activities under discussion for the near future include a community conversation and a program on the U.S. Constitution.
Membership is open and free. If you are interested in learning more or wish to come to a meeting, please contact one of the following:

Kathleen Ralph, Columbus, 322-1117
Coralee & Jim Hicks, Columbus, 321-2787
Mary Kuehn, Columbus, 322-5912