Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Thank you to Fishtail for a great event done right

What does it take to put on an event? Have you, the reader, ever been a part of planning and organizing a community activity like what took place in the rural community of Fishtail this past Saturday?
From my point of view, one or two or more people had a purpose. For the residents of Fishtail, the purpose is to support the community hall and park. Now that there is a reason the person/people have to plan and organize the activities of the event. Volunteers make up the committee that give of their time and talent.
Fishtail Family Fun Days 2017 is in the books. It was well attended. The parade that is billed as a 2-mile parade in a 1-block town had plenty of participants. As part of the Stillwater Republican Women and Stillwater Republican Central Committee (Stillwater County Republicans United) entry, thank you Fishtail for another successful year of bringing residents and visitors together for a fun day. I observed vehicles with out of state plates from as far as North Carolina and Arizona on my walk back to the starting point of the parade.
Another thank you to SRCC Chair Fiona Nave and Brent Nave for providing the wheels (ranger) for this year’s entry along with SRW President Karla Johnson, Kathy and Joe Copeland for joining me in the walk.
I wasn’t able to stay for the duck race that took place at 2 p.m., but I had ordered a blackberry pie to bring home for dessert that evening. A five-star rating. This business had an entry in the parade – a classic 1930s Ford pickup that had a set of side boards painted with the business name; while waiting for the return trip back I spoke with the driver and learned he was from Columbus. Small world.
Yes, the summer is full of parades. Next stop is on the 4th of July in Red Lodge. SRW member Patty Mitchell has volunteered to provide “The Beast” (red Ford convertible) for the transportation. Stillwater County Republicans are joining up with Carbon County Republicans to celebrate the beginning of freedom and liberties that came about because of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
America is a republic. We The People need to be engaged in local, state and federal government because that is how our founding fathers established our form of government.
Have a safe summer and enjoy the blessings of living in this great nation known as America, USA, United States of America. Let’s be uplifted and soar with the eagles.
God bless America. Unite and grow.

Shirlee Keffer