Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What conservatives believe

Conservative Americans. We feel that over the last decade or so, the label of conservative has been used to describe people and actions that don’t reflect what we believe, what we do, or how we live, nor does it resemble those friends and acquaintances that we associate with. Please allow us to define who we are as conservatives.
Conservatives, by definition, are not extremists. In fact, conservatives are not required to be religious, middle-class or Republican. We come in all races, denominations, cultures, and economic circumstances.
Our main goal is less government, more free-agency. Less regulation, more personal responsibility. With this, of course, comes the obligation on our part to act civilly, morally and within the law. This requires us to respect your views even if we don’t agree with them. We then expect you to respect ours.
We believe in being good stewards of our resources, and feel the best route to environmental balance is through our free-market system. For example, as a family that works hard for every penny we get, the last thing we want to do is to give extra money to the power company. We’d rather use it to better our lives and purchase other necessities, so we use our power sparingly. We don’t need a government agency telling us how warm our home should be, or paying us to install certain appliances. Pretty sure those appliances are made by companies that are linked with slimy politicians, and as conservatives, we know, without a doubt, that government should never mix with business.
For all you misled college kids out there, that is Fascism — government control of business and industry. And government should never dictate our morals. We don’t believe in giving someone else the power to tell us how or what to think. That is a dictatorship.
A conservative believes in the United States Constitution as it was drafted, not as it is now being interpreted by every crackpot law school graduate in the country. Our public school system could easily do the job of teaching each young person its importance, and how it protects the rights of each citizen against tyranny and corruption.
We believe in land conservation laws put in place by local voices. We believe that a landowner is just that — an owner of his land. We believe that schools should be run on the local level. We believe in practical, cost-conscious solutions to infrastructure maintenance. We believe that most governmental departments will, by necessity, grow themselves in order to preserve their relevance, hence our distrust of them.
Conservatives are not “waging a war on women,” creating global warming or denying anybody their right to live how they choose.
We want to live by the dictates of our own conscience, not be dictated by an overbearing government.

Audrey and Todd Seinfeld
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