Sunday, December 8, 2019

Vote yes on important Park City school bond levy

In the spring of 2015, the Park City PTA launched a “Vote Yes Campaign” for two bonds that would have remodeled and expanded our current school facility.
The bonds failed by a small margin. There is now a new plan in place to build a fourth through sixth grade building on the land the school owns. This will be an anchor for future expansion. The bonds will total $9.4 million for 20 years and will be split between elementary and high school. Ballots will be mailed out September 7th and are due back by September 27th.
Park City Schools PTA was chartered in November 2013. The group has actively worked hard in the last two and a half years to support our teachers and students. They will be taking on the biggest project yet by supporting the Park City School in encouraging voters to Vote Yes to the bonds.
The PTA is encouraging voters to Vote Yes to the bonds which will support building a new facility on the land that was purchased some years ago. This building will house fourth through sixth grade currently, with possible plans to add on later.
There will be a new 1,000 seat gymnasium, three locker rooms, weight room, a district kitchen, commons area, eight classrooms, an additional music room, a special education title area, administrative offices and a community shared conference room. There will be a paved bus/parent drop-off area, special paved parking for gymnasium use and an additional 260 parking spots in gravel.
A timeline of events has proven that 40 years of school district growth has revealed a facility that can no longer be ignored. It has been 40 years since the High School wing was built, and 25 years since any improvements have been made to Park City School. The time is now for our district to Vote Yes to our youth’s education.
PTA members will be encouraging voters to Vote Yes to facilities that adequately serve the current student population and meet the long-term needs for the next 10 years or more of projected growth.
Vote yes to the most cost effective plan to improve our school. Vote yes to the school serving as a true community center for Park City. Lastly the PTA is encouraging voters to vote yes to a modern learning environment for our students based upon inclusion of technology, critical thinking skills, the arts and school curriculum and methodology.
There will be a free informational barbecue at the school on Friday, Aug. 19 from 5 to 7 pm. People are welcome to come talk to the planning committee and ask questions.

Nicole Hess
Park City