Friday, December 6, 2019

Upcoming BEC vote important

We will soon be voting on the future status of Beartooth Electric Co-op.
Do we want to keep the Co-op in Montana with local control or do we want an out of state Co-op making the decisions for us. Where would we go for help if there was an outage or had a problem with your bill?
Do we want to continue having orders from out of state sending the crew out to change poles when the ground is frozen?
The power plant at Mystic Lake was constructed in the 1920s and Montana Power built a line from there to Absarokee. This line run through many ranches but the ranchers were not allowed to hook up to it. The electricity was for cities only! The rural people did not have electricity until the Beartooth Electric Co-op was formed in the 1940s.
Ballots will be sent to members Sept. 1. Montana law requires two-thirds of the members voting to approve.

Ethel Pelton