Monday, December 16, 2019

Two sides in BEC merger matter

One side is Beartooth Electric Co-Operative (BEC) back seven or more years ago was in Southern Montana Electric trying to build a power plant that didn’t work out and left BEC in very poor financial shape.
With the help of a new manager, Mr. Peck, BEC got back on track. When his three or four year contract was up he arranged for Lower Valley Co-op manager, Mr. Jim Webb, to take the reins at BEC for three years with the possibility to merge with LVE. Beartooth must indicate whether or not it is interested by April 2017.
In the last few years BEC has gotten out of Southern and has a seven year power contract at a very good rate and is in a good financial position to be independent and stay BEC for at least seven years.
The other side is Lower Valley Co-operative (LVE) and Mr. Jim Web has worked very hard to get BEC in the good financial position it is in. There are some good benefits to a merger with LVE could bring. Possible lower rates, larger co-op and a very well run co-op. LVE has very good people working for them.
So if BEC merges with LVE Beartooth Electric will be gone.
See all of you at the annual meeting Sept. 24, 2016, Roberts High School Gym at 8:30 a.m., meeting at 9 a.m.

David P Peterson
District 7 Trustee