Sunday, December 8, 2019

Trump won because he is an outsider

Since the 2016 election I hear people say President-elect Trump doesn’t have the experience the other politicians have.
When I say other politicians I mean not all but some Republicans and Democrats. That’s exactly the reason he was elected. He doesn’t have the experience of taking perks and bribes from lobbyists, taking millions of dollars from large donors for favors later, talking out of both sides of his mouth, bypassing congress and bending federal laws with executive orders, ramming through a health care bill that had 40 percent of the peoples support, erasing thousands of emails requested by congress, lying to the FBI.
I also listened to the Trump “locker room talk” recording about women and it was pretty sleazy, he should and did apologize for it.
But not so many years ago I also remember a president having three women accuse him of sexual misconduct, rape, groping without consent, exposing himself and sexual harassment.
Also admitting to two extramarital affairs while in the White House and lying under oath. I don’t recall hearing the uproar about those events.
I do hope that when President elect Trump says he will “drain the swamp” and he jumps in, he will drain it and not become one of the “SWAMP CREATURES”.

Steve Bue
Reed Point