Friday, December 6, 2019

Tippet Rise is more than a music and art center

I encourage everyone who can to visit Tippet Rise near Fishtail before their season ends on Sept. 20.
Tippet Rise is more than a music and art center, it is a celebration of the land we share and love. The two-hour tours of the sculptures are free and definitely worth the time and effort. Local staff are informative, gracious and friendly and the views of three mountain ranges framed by the sculptures are stunning.
Hiking and biking are also encouraged, although you should inform the visitor center via phone or email of your plans. Lunch and dinners are available some days but advance reservations are best. Wild Flower Kitchen provides some of the best food in Stillwater County!
So even if you haven’t been able to get tickets to the musical performances, Tippet Rise has much to offer.
Cathy and Peter Halstead with their outstanding staff have presented our community with a gift for everyone to enjoy. Take advantage!

Kathleen Ralph