Sunday, December 8, 2019

Thanks to reunion organizers

As the summer of 2015 starts to wind down, I’m reminded of one thing I was looking forward to.
The Columbus High School reunion that have taken place every five years for many years. It was a time for friends and family to gather and reminisce about the “good old days.” It was a time to refresh friendships with classmates, and a time for community.
But that didn’t happen this year. When asked, some reunion committee members said it was just time to let others take the baton and run with it. So therefore, no more reunions... for now.
The first reunion started in 1989 with the Centennial, followed by two alumni football games against Absarokee alumni. In 1996 we celebrated BoBo Days No. 2 in honor of the original BoBo Day, which celebrated the end of World War II.
The driving force for these reunions was Don Parks, class of 1976. Don said “I remember when we first started in 1988, we had our meetings in the old newspaper office it was located behind Davey Motor Company.”
Then started the 5-year “All Class Reunions.” Community has always been important to Stillwater County residents. Reunions brought the best out in the community, and those of us who graduated from Columbus High School appreciated the reunions.
What we didn’t fully appreciate is the time and effort the reunion committee put into them to make them a success.
Over the years there has been a group of people who volunteered their time to be on the reunion committee. We, the Stillwater and Columbus community, need to recognize them for their efforts that resulted in such great memories.
I know I may miss some of the names, but rest assured you are appreciated. Thanks to Don Parks, Kathy Stabnow, Linda Lothian, David Tree, Spike Jensen, Dick and Carol Henry, Don Shutz, Fred Wyler, Leo Stepper, Virginia Lofting, Dwayne and Lucy Store, Marilyn Strange, Kay Wolterman, Grant and Clara Smith, Dave Seibert, Russ Hughes, Barb Kem, Linda Hagberg and Barb Adams. And a special thanks to the family members that supported them during the long hours spent giving their time to ensure we as CHS and Stillwater County alumni had fun.
To you we are forever grateful.

Nick Seibert
Duvall, Wash.
CHS Class of 1976