Sunday, December 8, 2019

Thanks Absarokee EMTs

My husband Tom and I are writing to heartily thank the Absarokee Ambulance Service.
When we needed their help a few weeks ago, they were prompt, professional, thorough and caring. Cody Keller, Tyler Ferster and two other crew members, whose names we regrettably can’t remember (our apologies), listened to our concerns, helped brainstorm a solution that addressed both safety and my comfort needs, and were very reassuring and caring, all while attending to their requirements for patient assessment and monitoring. In short, they did what they needed to do with a great focus on my care and comfort.
They made a scary and painful situation far less so, and we’re ever grateful for their assistance. We can all rest more easily knowing we have such a fine service available to us. Thank you.

Karen Heyneman