Sunday, January 26, 2020

Thankful for Columbus first responders and clinic

The Houghton family, Harold and Irmgard of Columbus, Jim and Nancy of Spokane, Wash., and Gerlinde and Russell Dewell also of Columbus greatly thank the Columbus Fire Rescue EMS staff, especially leader Nick Jacobs, and the Stillwater Billings Clinic Emergency Room staff, especially Dr. David Kane, for their responsiveness and proficiency Wednesday evening June 8.
Harold had a stroke at home at approximately 8 p.m. School Reserve Officer Jacob Ward responded to the 911 call first. He assessed Harold and prepared the scene for EMS. Columbus Fire Rescue EMS quickly followed. Nick and the other first responders established monitoring of Harold’s condition and transported him to the clinic fast.
Dr. Kane and the ER staff rapidly determined Harold’s condition. They medicated him with Tissue Plasma Activator (TPA), the vitally important stroke reverser, within 69 minutes of arrival to the Clinic.
This was well within the critical three-hour window of opportunity to minimize the potentially debilitating effects of a stroke, and within about 90 total minutes of the beginning of Harold’s stroke at home, thanks to the efficient EMS and ER personnel.
Harold returned home Tuesday June 16 with minimal deficiencies. In fact, the Billings Clinic doctors said he is “too healthy for in-patient rehabilitation!” This is a direct result of the life saving and professional efforts of the Columbus Fire Rescue EMS and the Stillwater Billings Clinic staffs.
The Houghton family strongly urges Stillwater News readers to learn to easily recognize the signs of a stroke.
Never hesitate to call 911 for the expert and professional help that is ready and waiting through Columbus Fire Rescue EMS and Stillwater Billings Clinic. They are a credit and blessing to our community, making it a better place to live, even with a stroke!
Harold’s episode is a powerful reminder why it is important to support our local first responders and clinic organizations before you or your loved one need them some night.

The Houghtons