Sunday, December 8, 2019

Thank you from a grateful family

We would like to thank our community for coming together during the most difficult time in our lives.
Our world stopped turning on Feb. 15 when we were told Caleb has leukemia. In a time when we felt so alone, being rushed to Denver for treatment to start. Here at home, friends, loved ones and even strangers rallied behind us, praying, donating, fundraising, sending gifts and coming together in our time of need, to give us love and support, morally, spiritually and financially.
We have been blessed by you all. We are so very grateful, and thankful. We thank each person who has helped us in every way. There have been too many to list. Please know we are thankful and realize the value of each of you.
We are on a long road of treatment – three years – and while treatment started in February, the 3-year countdown didn’t actually start until July 1. Please keep us in your prayers. We are in the hardest phase of treatment now.
From the depths of our hearts THANK YOU!

Stacey, Candi, and Caleb Overhuls