Wednesday, October 23, 2019

SPA and SVWC says thanks to Stillwater Mine, community

Sponsored by Stillwater Protective Association and Stillwater Valley Watershed Council, well over one hundred neighbors from the Stillwater Valley community attended “A Good Neighbor Gathering” dinner and program presented by the Stillwater Mining Company on Thursday at the Nye Fire Hall.
We are grateful to Randy Weimer, Environmental Manager of the Stillwater Mining Company; Chris Bateman, Executive Vice President U.S. Region; Ken Kluksdahl, Chief Operating Officer U.S. Region; and our neighbors for attending this event. We hope the SMC and the community will continue the dialogue and joint efforts to safeguard the pristine environment of the Stillwater Valley and uphold the quality of life we value so greatly.
Thank you to all.

Bill Hand, Stillwater Protective Association
Tim Schaff, Stillwater Valley Watershed Council