Monday, December 16, 2019

Some residents happy about trees being removed

Some of us on Fiddler Creek find it quite ironic that one who voices their complaint about trees along the road being cut down, are one of the first to be there to scavenge the nicely cut and stacked wood resulting from the tree removal. It’s activity like that really wants me to scream out “Enough about the trees already people!”
Several times while driving the Fishtail school bus, I prayed there’d be no one coming over the hill or along the road because those branches hung over so far out it could damage the bus if I had to move over. Apparently the county has had that type of damage to their maintenance equipment. Our trucks and trailers have nearly been damaged also, good thing the radio antennas bend!
And after the Derby Fire it just worried several of us that trees that close to the road could be a definite fire hazard. I’ve seen a few of the trees fall and block the road. Imagine if the ambulance or fire truck had to get through. And I won’t even go on about the deer playing hide and go seek with our vehicles.
I will go as far to say, however, that if you do not live on the effected roads, pay taxes on that property across the fence, or your business runs that route like garbage, mail, school bus, etc., then you have no room to complain or try to save these annoying trees.
For some of us, we are very happy to see the county employees out there doing their jobs, the trees disappearing and hazards removed.
It’s the county’s job they’re doing it, so quit complaining and enjoy the openness to the new scenery, because obviously your equipment isn’t effected. Enough is enough.
Terlene Keller