Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Solar farm along I-90 in Reed Point is the real eyesore

I’m on Facebook and I see several letters on the garbage along the I-90 Interstate between Big Timber and Billings.
And I agree it is sad, to trash up the big sky state with cans, bottles, and other debris. But I have to admit, in my 64 years of living in the great state of Montana I have never seen an eyesore as bad as the “solar farm setup” just 200 feet west of the Reed Point cemetery along the interstate I-90, south west of Reed Point.
That is really sad. Plus it’s subsidized with our tax dollars on the cloudy days to be competitive with our other energy resources such as hydro, coal fired, natural gas power sources. Give me a break! Had to vent. Thanks.

Steve Bue
Reed Point