Sunday, January 26, 2020

Shupak seems to think law doesn’t apply to him

I was disturbed and saddened by last week’s front page report in the Stillwater County News that County Commissioner Chairman Dennis Shupak had decided to do his own burning without a current permit.
It doesn’t sound like the Dennis Shupak I met when my family and I moved to Columbus in 1995. Dennis was then a respected fencing contractor and agreed to enclose a little over two acres around our new home on Bearpaw Ranch. It was not an easy task, but the fence is standing today, as sturdy as the day he built it. I was impressed with his expertise and attitude – he gave a fair product for a fair price and didn’t hesitate to back up his work.
We all were sorry to lose a man with Dennis’ experience and pride in his work when he ran for commissioner. Since then, I have seen him only occasionally, but we have still have enjoyed a friendly relationship.
It distresses me that Dennis seems to have adopted the attitude of so many American politicians that somehow the law doesn’t apply to them. We see that same thing in national politics.
American democracy cannot survive an attitude of entitlement on the part of our leaders. We breathe the same air, drink the same water and try to get along with our neighbors. That often takes moral courage as well as effort, two qualities I have always attributed to Dennis. I hope he can clear his name and reputation and continue to serve the people of Stillwater County with the honesty and care of the man I met over 20 years ago.

Dave Grimland