Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Save your money and send it directly to your political candidate

May 5, 2017, will be a clear indication of the Stillwater Republican Central Committee losing touch with voters of the county and their goal of fundraising for Republican candidates.
The upcoming Lincoln Reagan Dinner has a heavy price of $50 to attend instead of the previous years of $15. The musical group will cost $900 instead of previous groups donating their talents. Their hope of 40 people attending instead of 150 to 200 attending are signs of their lost touch. Catering the dinner instead of a great homemade dinner shows they don’t care about your wallet.
The cost of the dinner alone will exceed $20 where previous dinners cost just over $3. Then the crowning bad decision is not allowing people to come at the last minute — you must buy your ticket in advance.
This group does not help put signs out for candidates and since they don’t raise very much money they can’t help fund candidates, which is their primary goal. The current central committee is more of an ego trip than that of helping Republican candidates win.
In last year’s elections, many people in the county were receiving Democratic literature, clearly not the case in previous years.
The Democratic party clearly sees the ineffective central committee has opened the door to heir candidate. Instead of going to the dinner, send your money directly to your favorite Republican candidate. You will be better served and so will the candidate. Go to your favorite local restaurant and support a local business owner.

Bill Kampfer