Sunday, December 8, 2019

Return carts where they belong

On Jan. 15, the Stillwater County News published the first of my monthly columns. You may remember that it was about how much I liked small towns and small churches.
I made a special point of acknowledging the important role that the IGA plays in greasing the wheels of community friendship and politeness.
Unfortunately I didn’t notice then but now see how careless customers are about where they leave the grocery carts: they’ll leave them bunched up around the other carts awaiting use by new customers, you’ll see them used to load a shopper’s car and then watch the man or woman drive off and leave the cart in the parking lot.
I find them in front of the store, two or three of them dropped and blocking the sidewalk for those of us trying to get to or out of the store.
Please, friends, we wouldn’t leave a chair sitting in our homes, so why not give the IGA and the guy who has to round up all those carts the same consideration?
Dave Grimland