Friday, December 6, 2019

Residents treated to two wonderful plays by great casts

Stillwater County residents were lucky to have two humorous plays performed locally these past two weeks. Both were well-done and lots of fun.
A big thank you to all the young actors in the Columbus High School Speech and Drama production of The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.
This fast paced romp through fractured fairytales was very well done. Who knew the devil took a road trip with his grandmother or the motivation behind the witch who locked Rapunzel in her tower?
All the acting was great, but three actors stood out:The two narrators, Ethan Kane and Brooke Kern, and Ryan Koski, who performed SIX roles in a lightning version of Cinderella.
The adults who helped with this play are to be congratulated: Johanna Kern and Lorrie Koski, Directors, and Tana Tymon, props and costumes.
The Cobblestone Preservation Committee presented the ‘Old Stone Players’ in The Book of Liz the past two weekends, another very enjoyable theatrical experience. Strong acting by all, but especially by Jill Adams as the long-suffering Liz.
We are fortunate to have so many talented actors of all ages in our community. Community theater is a wonderful thing; to have live performances by and for your neighbors in your town - what could be better?
We are grateful to all who made both these productions possible and we look forward to many more local productions!

Kathleen Ralph and Dave Grimland