Friday, December 6, 2019

Presidential preferences

While I consider myself liberal, usually Democrat, I sometimes think and vote Republican. This leaves me open to vote for any candidate most concerned for the welfare of the majority rather than for the wealthiest. As presidential candidates declared and began to campaign, my first choice was Democrat Hillary Clinton, then Republicans Bush and Kasich.
The other Democrat of interest was Bernie Sanders, whom I considered too liberal, with unclear implementation plans. I’ve never thought of Donald Trump as acceptable. His views vary with the political climate, but always presented in dogmatic ways which reminds me of dictators in countries where I have lived and worked. This is not acceptable in our democracy.
As we begin the primaries my first choice has changed to Sen. Sanders. He has better defined his plans to improve the lives of the majority and suggested more interaction and cooperation between the parties in Congress to approve and implement these plans. My confidence in the governmental knowledge and experience of Clinton has been overshadowed by her apparent poor judgment which continues to come to light.
If the election were today, Bernie Sanders would be my selection for our next president, even though it will take a revolutionary change to elect him and a similar change in the Congress to implement his ideals. I think it is time for us to put the basic needs of the majority in front of the excessive pleasures of the wealthiest.

Jim Dickey