Friday, December 6, 2019

Politics and Eggs speaker is Billings doctor with message

The “Politics and Eggs Breakfast-Montana Style” which is hosted by Stillwater Republican Women will host the 10th program Saturday, Feb. 4. Guest speaker Alan Muskett, M.D., has made a difference in many lives. Born and raised in Missoula, he resides in Billings where he has his practice. He and his wife, Pamela, have three adult children.
Dr. Muskett accepted the invitation to speak. My thoughts on a topic name was: “Doctor, Health & Politics.” His reply was “Staying Alive – Dr. Muskett’s Solutions to All of Life’s Problems.” Gee, this would have been good to hear 50 years ago for me.
He started his career as a cardiac surgeon (no small task) then made a decision to return to medical school for more training to become a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. So take a guess as to how many years of school/training.
Dr. Muskett is the author of “MOSTLY TRULY— by Alan Muskett MD – A Surgeon’s Reflections on Life, Health, Medicine, and Power Tools.”
I hope he will share his experience in SICU in his third year of training as a surgeon that involves a pizza or about his mission trips with “Smile Network” — an organization that repairs cleft lips and palates in underserved areas of the world. Dr. Walt Peet, a veteran of 13 of these missions (excerpt from this book) made a profound statement “Maybe that’s true, but the kids don’t know the politics, and we do it only for the kids. Focus on the kids.”
I encourage you to plan to attend this informative program with Dr. Alan Muskett.
The March guest speaker will be Kristen Juras from Great Falls. She will speak on the topics of “Drones & Property Rights, Water Rights and a pinch of Agenda 21.” Plan ahead and reserve this date as well – March 4, 2017.
I personally feel blessed and am giving thanks for the success of these programs. The teamwork of the Stillwater Republican Women, to the speakers accepting the invitations – these educational programs are part of SRW’s mission to educate ourselves and others that in turn supports our scholarship programs.

Shirlee Keffer