Monday, June 1, 2020

Please stop vandalizing Stillwater County library books

To the Columbus library book vandal(s): Please stop vandalizing Columbus library books. You use a ball-point pen to mark pages and paragraphs with permanent ticks.
By doing this you show no respect or consideration for books, their authors, or to the readers who use the books after you do. The marks are unpleasant, distracting and irritating to other readers.
I suggest you either replace the books you have defaced with new copies, or take out those books again and remove the ugly marks you have made.
The normal, civilized practice is to use a removable book-mark to indicate where you left off reading. If you don’t know what a removable book-mark is, ask a librarian. It’s not making marks in a book using a pencil or a pen.

Orty Bourquin