Sunday, December 8, 2019

Parents have issue with Common Core

My 14-year-old son recently informed my wife and I of the subject his geography class is studying: Islam. Now, we’re not opposed to students learning about certain aspects of any religion, as throughout history, religion has shaped civilizations. It’s silly for anyone to think otherwise, no matter your beliefs or unbelief.
Our problem is that the curriculum appears to place great emphasis on stating that Islam is a religion of peace. We’re wondering where is the evidence of this? It almost seems as though our children are being taught to be ashamed of Christianity while revering Islam. Is this just us? Are any other parents feeling the same? Is this part of the Common Core Program?
In our view, the separation of church and state means that public institutions can’t show favoritism, or mandate any specific religion. This has recently been interpreted by bigger brains than mine, as the right of the government to ban bibles, tear down Ten Commandment displays, and deny (Christian) prayer on any public property.
At the same time, we scramble to accommodate Muslim customs into those very institutions. I’m very concerned about this and hope to get some answers at our local school board meeting, which was in Reed Point on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Todd Steinfeldt
Reed Point