Sunday, December 8, 2019

Outrage about lion killing, tax money funding Planned Parenthood

This morning watching the news, July 30, we were informed that a judge blocked the showing of any more videos in the future of what Planned Parenthood is actually doing in the name of women’s health.
Women’s health - I don’t think so. When a woman chooses to let someone (Planned Parenthood) save baby parts. The video indicated any parts they could sell were removed carefully.
I hope this illustration makes sense to persons who haven’t thought much about abortion and may have thought this is just a fetus. No folks this is a baby. Is this in your opinion good health care for a women’s mentality or a baby’s physical being? From the moment of conception a child is being formed and nurtured by its mothers body.
Health care for women can be provided by their family doctor. We have wonderful doctors to provide the best of care for women. There is no reason that we the people should pay for Planned Parenthood’s expenses through our government, coming from our taxes.
Planned Parenthood says they are paying for care of women’s health. Being pregnant is not a disease it’s a natural event, a blessed event.
For anyone that didn’t know what an abortion could entail you do now.
We in Montana have an alternative to abortion. LaVie in Billings, consider them. You will get help with loving care. Please don’t do anything before you consult them.
Also this morning there was, on the same network, a report of a cherished lion that was shot and killed in a “protected area.” Outrage worldwide. What about the baby protected in the mother’s womb, is there any out rage when a baby is killed in a “protected area?” I think not! Are our values in the right order? No!
Don’t fund Planned Parenthood. Our government, corporations and business fund Planned Parenthood, somehow this has to stop. Is a vote in government or a concession in a business worth the life of a human being? No! Is this taking a woman’s rights No! Women have all the rights in the world but not at the expense of someone else. Was it our fault they got pregnant in the first place? Let them pay for their own decisions.
People look into the beautiful eyes of your children and be so grateful for your decisions.

Barbara Evans