Sunday, January 26, 2020

Not happy with commissioners’ old hospital pick

We are very disappointed, indeed dismayed, to learn of the recent decision by the county commission in favor of remodeling the old hospital for county office space rather than the other alternatives.
It seems to us to be a poor, short-sighted, and expensive decision, penny wise and pound foolish. The $3.4 million dollars will not be well spent.
The old hospital alternative, when presented at the public meetings, was not adequate for current needs, let alone for any future growth. Public opinion at the meetings was not in favor of the old building.
There are two problems with commissioners’ decision:
1) It is shortsighted and a poor use of county resources, given the problems with the old hospital building and the need for space to house all county offices including the courts and law enforcement. If the old hospital building is not large enough for all current county offices, why even contemplate remodeling it?
2) The timing is poor given that a new commissioner is taking office in less than two months. Why make the decision at this point when they have waited for so long?
It seems to us that the commissioners wasted time and money on the architectural study and the public meetings when they already had their minds made up before beginning the process.
We hope the new commission will reconsider this matter in the new year.

Kathleen Ralph and Dave Grimland