Tuesday, May 26, 2020

No axe to grind in Park City, just stating facts

I am writing in response to Mrs. White’s letter to the editor. First of all, I am not a disgruntled wife of an ex employee of Stillwater County. In fact I am relieved that my husband no longer works as a truck driver for the road and bridge crew. If the truth hurts, I’m truly sorry.

If you haven’t lived in Park City “YOU DO NOT” know what we have to do to get anything done down here. It takes an act of Congress to get things done in Park City.

The school has called numerous times in regards to the snow around the school and such. The calls just get pushed back or ignored as have a lot of the calls that come from here.

If the other schools have problems, let them call and see if they can get it taken care of. It is my understanding that the county is to keep bus routes and around schools safe for all of our kids. Which means to plow and sand around the schools and bus routes. Each plow driver has a booklet that tells them where the routes are.

The extra snow has been hauled off to places around Park City that have room for it, if there is a heavy amount of snow.

I have no “AXE TO GRIND” just a concerned citizen and taxpayer. If the driver has gotten “atta boys” good for him but why are people still complaining about the snow not being plowed but sanded on top.

I will give credit when credit is due. We, the citizens of Park City, would just like our school and bus routes safe for our children.

Jeanette Bossen
Park City