Saturday, November 16, 2019

Longtime business closing its doors with heavy hearts

Columbus has been home to Timberweld for over a half a century. It was 1956 when Gene Davey and the Columbus community and investors invited Thelmar Mosdahl, Ralph Heiken, and Joe Hucke to move Timberweld from Broadview to Columbus.
Since then, Timberweld Columbus and Billings have promoted, sold, engineered, built, and shipped many magnificent structural systems.
As the hundreds of employees mark our calendar of the passing time, like Nobel Saunders, Ken Witte, Richard Fink, Mark Berry, Bob Lien, Ken Hegg, Doug Hucke, Carl Nickell, Sam Blaylock, Phil Kulbeck, Dale Hagerman, Curtis Kuehn, “Fitz” Fitzgerald, Mary Koenig, Sharon Beaty, Jerry Leslie, Wayne Corneliusen, Floyd Burkett, Steve Sweten, and many many others, key dedicated employees are all a part of Timberweld’s past 58 years.
Along the way of memories are lasting religious structures, libraries, visitors centers, education buildings, and magnificent homes from coast to coast scattered around over America including Wichita’s Exploration Place, Wisconsin EPIC Learning Center, Dubuque’s Mississippi Cultural Center, Stillwater Community Hospital, numerous great outdoor retail structures and shopping Centers.
It is now an inevitable end to our construction era brought about by the 2005-2006-2007 crash in the contracting industry precipitated by marketing changes, Wall Sstreet, depletion of our resources, and other factors.
The future is changing everyday. Who knows who will own or what our manufacturing building will be used for next. Do you have any ideas? We are sad to be liquidating Timberweld property and leaving the Columbus community. Stillwater community is a great place to have a business, work, and live.

-The Joe and Dorothy Hucke family