Friday, December 6, 2019

Kudos to teens at the Rosebud Cafe

As a father of two young girls I know from experience how loud girls can be, so you could guess my concern when 13 high school girls walked into the Rosebud Café on Saturday morning.
To my humbling surprise it was the most well behaved and evenly mannered young ladies my family has had the opportunity to dine next to. The noise level was more than acceptable, the please and thank you were plentiful and the most surprising the cell phones were seldom seen.
It was amazing to see a group of teenagers talking and visiting about past victories, challenges and matches yet to come and all of this was without adult supervision.
As my 8-year-old daughter stared at this group of girls it was quite pleasant to know that she was watching behavior in young people that should be expected, yet often goes unnoticed or has even become somewhat extinct. The Absarokee volleyball team should all be commended for their behavior, camaraderie, and over all representation of their school.
Congratulations on your success on the court and off and good luck in your future endeavors, just remember you always have little eyes looking to your example.
Mark Crago