Saturday, November 16, 2019

Johnson is the only right choice

Last week, a letter to the Stillwater County News was posted under the headline of “Political voting choices impact personal choices in life.”
The very next day after that letter was published, we all learned that Donald Trump views women as prey, and that he justifies his lechery with references to his status, to being a “star.” If such a man would use his position as a media personality to behave as he described, what would he do as our president?
In Saturday’s gubernatorial debate, Greg Gianforte rightly condemned Trump’s comments as “inappropriate and outrageous.” But he also said he would still vote for Trump, and that “this is the only choice we are left with.”
Having talked with Mr. Gianforte personally, I know he is aware that this is not the case. He has another option – we all do – and that is to vote for the Libertarian nominee for president Gov. Gary Johnson.
Like Mr. Gianforte, Gov. Johnson was a successful entrepreneur who saw many things wrong with government and chose to run for governor of New Mexico to fix it – and he did just that for his state. Now he hopes to do the same for our country.
But more to the point, you won’t have to worry about the character of your president with Gov. Johnson at the helm. You won’t have to worry about the example he sets for your sons as to how women should be treated, or even discussed. And you won’t have to worry about whether your daughters would be safe with him. These are the personal choices that votes can affect: for the next four years, or longer, who do you want America’s children to see as a role model, as an example of leadership?

Andrew Forcier