Friday, December 6, 2019

How the Absarokee Community Foundation “pays” out

The Absarokee Community Foundation was founded in 2000 with the goal of helping people in Absarokee and the surrounding communities.
During that time the Foundation has given thousands of dollars back to the community while at the same time accumulated over $400,000 in a permanent fund of which only the interested is used.
This year the ACF gave out just over $35,000 to support 8 worthy causes right here in Absarokee. In looking at the list of donors something interesting became apparent. If one looks at donations from individuals, the “average” amount was $171.
Donations ranged from $25 to well into the hundreds.
The foundation members do not receive any payment for serving on the board, so every single contribution is totally utilized for gifting and greatly appreciated. But for the sake of discussion let’s just look at what $171 does for the community:
•$12 went for renovations to the Cobblestone building
•$46 went to the Boosters Club which in turn supported particularly expensive ventures like kids travel to national competitions (FFA, BPA, FCLA, etc.), started up other Absarokee non-profits such as Stillwater wrestling, Skip’s place, the Rosebud Community Garden, and youth activities - wrestling, softball, cross country, golf and Lil Dawg football in the county.
•$5 for Kruizin’ For Seniors – a program that provides Christmas gifts for senior citizens in the community.
•$12 for the annual wilderness trip for junior high / high school students.
•$41 for the this year’s remodeling of the Senior Citizens Center.
•$19 supported the Stillwater Valley Watershed Council weed program.
•$19 for Operation Second Chance where wounded veterans get an opportunity to hunt and see the fun things our area has to offer.
•$12 went to support Skip’s Place - a center for kids in need.
Did you have any idea that your gift dollars did all that? The ACF will be starting its’
2017 season in the near future. Please consider giving what you can to support the many, many who benefit from this truly community effort.

Mike Reynolds