Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Gianforte is the only right choice to replace Ryan Zinke

Dear Concerned Montanans, be diligent in your research of the Montana candidates for U.S. House of Reprentative to replace U.S. House of Representative Ryan Zinke.
The NRA endorses Greg Gianforte as “AQ” Rated and NRA-PVF Endorsed, the NRA gives and F- to Rob Quist.
Greg Gianforte opposes gun control, supports Right to Carry, and supports America’s Sportsmen.
Greg is a man of integrity, honesty and hard work. He has given over a $1 million to the homeless in Billings. Wealth is an admirable quality when used to help the less fortunate.
We do not need someone in this office who wants to grow big government and take away or limit our individual God given rights.
There is one clear choice for U.S. Representative from Montana and that choice is Greg Gianforte.

Karla Johnson
Stillwater Republican Women