Monday, June 1, 2020

Farmers, immigration workers and paying minimum wage

I read an article last week that stated the American Farm Bureau federation says farmers fear losing immigrant workers.
It was stated that the strict enforcement of immigration would raise food prices 5 to 6 percent because of a drop of supply, and because of the higher labor prices costs the farmers could face. We all know there is a federal minimum wage law. As I understand in Oregon it’s $9.75 an hour. The state is trying to raise it to $12 and something per hour.
It is apparent these farmers are not paying the illegal immigrants the federal minimum wage. Number one, illegals should not be hired in this country period. Number two, all immigrant workers with proper work visas should be paid federally mandated minimum wage. And people ask why American workers will not take these low paying jobs. Why do you think?
If you can hire illegals for half minimum wage and threaten them with deportation if they complain, what a huge savings. These employers should be required to pay minimum wage to immigrants with legal work visas, no matter what, and quit complaining about American workers not taking these low paying jobs.
All those employers hiring legal migrant workers and not paying federal minimum wage, benefits etc. should be put out of business and dealt with appropriately. All those businesses hiring illegals should be put out of business immediately. I do not condone any illegals being in this country, working or not.

Steve Bue
Reed Point