Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Ex-FOLers appreciate summer reading program helpers

From mid-June until the end of July, the Stillwater County Library held the summer R.E.A.D. program, a program that the Friends of the Library (FOL) had always sponsored in the past, but was told this year we were not needed.
However, it would not have been the spectacular success it was without FOL Summer R.E.A.D. Program Director Jennifer Shane and FOL volunteer extraordinaire Gayle Helt!
Due to political reasons, their names had to be omitted from a recent article, but we want to show off all of their hard work and our appreciation for such spectacular Stillwater County Residents.
Jennifer spoke of how much fun she had being involved with this program for the first time, and Gayle’s reliability proved, once again, invaluable to the Library in Columbus.
Thank you ladies. We will always be so proud of you!

Former FOL officers
Lenny Kaiser, President
Barb Kaiser, Secretary
Judith Gillette, Treasurer