Sunday, December 8, 2019

Dangerous situation in need of correction in Absarokee

Early last week, I learned that Absarokee Water and Sewer District was sending out their unlicensed trainee operator to change out all water meters in the town without direct supervision.
These new water meters are all plastic and have no water use readout that the homeowner can access and use as a check and balance to their monthly statement.
The all plastic is the big, immediate danger because it functions as an insulator in the line that has been used for years as an electrical system ground for many of the older homes.
This leaves a home’s electrical system ground compromised and the occupants sleeping in a fire-trap, just like the one I was called to see.
It is not a question of if, but when, will a fire start. If your water meter has recently been changed, please demand that the water district correct their life/death decision error.
Upon hearing and visiting this location, I immediately informed a board member who promptly passed it on to the board chairman and operator, but now it’s a week later and no action has been taken. Apparently upon loosening the old meter’s connecting fittings, arcing, sizzling and smoky smells were emitted.
Instead of stopping immediately to investigate the electrical arcing, a new meter was quickly installed. Luckily, the homeowner was present and knew enough to turn the main power breaker off.
The home was without power for over 24 hours until an electrician arrived. To the credit of the trainee, he did apologize to the homeowner, returned to his office and informed his supervisor.
This lack of knowledge, urgency and compassion for those they serve is totally unacceptable. We all own this system and it is high time we all begin better oversight, as owners, and prevent this kind of malfeasance in the future. Please share this with your neighbors and friends.

Ron Nusbaum