Sunday, December 8, 2019

County failing Park City tax payers with lack of plowing

It sure is a sad day when the taxpayers of Park City can’t get the county to plow around the school and the bus routes to keep our children safe. If we are paying them to come put sand on top of the snow without dropping a blade what good is that going to do.
As I was coming home the other afternoon when school was getting out I was almost hit by a student trying to get over the berm that is left by no one plowing the streets around the school. I dare to say that it is going to take a student getting hurt or killed before we can get our county to plow and not just drop sand around our school and bus routes. I am a taxpayer and live within the town. Our streets haven’t been this bad since I have lived here for 20 years.
I as a taxpayer I would like to see at least the bus routes and around the school plowed and sanded so our children will be safe. Since when does the county not plow an unincorporated town for safety? We used to have good service here in our little town but now we are just left in the wind with only little 4-wheelers to try and plow the school and bus routes. The buses go down my street and it isn’t safe for a car to go down let alone a bus. So what can be done about this?? Maybe we should stop paying our taxes.

Jeanette Bossen
Park City